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Download King Kong 2005 BluRay 720p in Hindi MP4 with Subtitles

When the crew returns, Kong rejoins the cast of a popular series of movies and the studio soon want to make a sequel to these already popular movies. Kong?s return makes the already untested Ann Darrow a prime target for the movie studio.

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But the crew doesn?t know about Kong?s true intentions or that he is the guardian of the island?s secrets. As Kong grows, he will stop at nothing to protect those secrets and ultimately his best friend.

Leading CharacterAnn Darrow- native of New York. A very naive and innocent woman who just met the apes and Kong. She thinks that she can see a possibility of marriage with Kong and maybe also find her love interest. The situation suddenly changes when the crew members of the island are kidnapped by the apes and Kong has his way with her. She screams in fear for her life and then tries to run away. Her scarred neck and face proves her struggles.

Dr. Archimedes Q. Porter Jack Driscoll- A producer of the movie team. He is very arrogant and a person who knows everything. Although he is very able to manipulate people and events, he is a very nervous person who is the opposite of Dr. Darrow. Jack thinks that in the first movie they came to the island to make a comedy and the movies have become very successful. He now wants to have more control over the sequel.

G. Richard Lippe Edward Van Sloan- a cameraman. He too did not recognize that the apes were trying to kill him and his family. He had to shoot his family and killed off the apes who were attacking them.


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