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Ofsted and Policies


We are proud to be recognised for achieving Good with Outstanding Elements in our previous Ofsted Report of Baffins Nature Nursery. To read the full report click on the following link: 

"Children flourish in a carefully considered environment which provides them with an extremely safe, secure and stimulating place to learn and manage risks." (Ofsted Inspection Report 2018)

"All staff show great dedication and enjoyment in working with the children."(Ofsted Inspection Report 2018)


Nature Nursery is inspired by the principles of the Forest Schools Movement and by the work of Rudolf Steiner and Maria Montessori... 


We are mindful of three basic principals in everything that we do.


1. That the Nursery operates as a community; we co-operate with kindness, recognizing each other’s strengths and accommodate each other’s weaknesses.


2. We encourage awareness of living things and respect the natural world.


3. We value independence, creative thinking and freedom, in ourselves and others

Please download our policy documents here:

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