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What To Expect At Nature Nursery...


Sessions (AM and PM)

Carefully planned experiences and enhancements are made so that your child can explore and learn through their environment. Children have free range to all areas both inside and out to take their learning where they wish. Our qualified and experienced team skilfully join in with play which leads to learning in numeracy, literacy, language, critcal thinking, problem solving, leadership, social skills, technology, creative arts and much more. Carefully planned provocations, tailored to the individual interests of the children are laid out for children to explore at their leisure whereby qualified members of the team will join them in order to further enhance those learning opportunities again for the individuals taking part. 


Family time 

This is where the whole Nature Nursery family comes together to welcome each individual child before sharing any news. This is followed by a large group activity such as yoga, music and movement or group games.


Snack time 

An opportunity for both adults and children to come together to share and enjoy a healthy snack. Children will often be given the opportunity to help prepare their food safely alongside the adults. 


If we feel your child is looking tired or hungry throughout the day we will offer them a small healthy snack to keep them going. 


Afternoon Rest

If your child tends to take an afternoon nap this is the perfect opportunity, as the whole group take part in some relaxation, everyone gets time to rest and recharge if they need it. For those who do not need a sleep however, their play and learning continues. 


Pick up 

As you collect your child there is an opportunity for you to chat to your child's key worker about their day. At Nature Nursery we also use an online learning system called Famly, this is where you can keep up to date with your child's photos, observations and communications. 

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