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It takes a village to raise a Child...

Working Together

As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child”. At Southsea Nature Nursery we’re really passionate about connections, communication and being an active part of our local community. From excursions exploring the local area to celebrating a world of cultures, our practices and programs focus on collaboration, diversity, uniqueness and experiences that open up a whole world of learning opportunities. These will include...


  • Excursions - venturing out into the local area allows children to explore the world around them and visit local amenities - such as the local library or museums to provide a range of opportunities for children to form their identities and feel a part of a community.

  • Parent days where we invite parents to come and help run an activity for the children  and share their own 

  • Hosting fundraising events. These provide rich and varied learning experiences that develop community-minded citizens.

  • Language lessons and cultural celebrations. Our staff bring different skills, experiences and cultures to their roles, providing unique learning opportunities for the children in their care.


Working alongside our families ensures children’s routines – such as nap times, remain consistent from home to nursery. So whether your child is toilet training, learning to self-feed or beginning to read and write, we will do everything to support them and keep the consistency going.

We pride ourselves on the partnership between our nursery and our families. So, in order to help families stay well connected to what is happening with their child's development, we use a powerful communication app called Famly. This secure and private app allows staff to post updates on your child’s day, complete with photos and/or videos that share learning and development stories and communicate important news and celebrations of their development with you.

We value input from our families into the provocations we prepare, and we want families to share with us the celebrations of their child's creative ideas, skills and talents. That’s why our staff are always on hand for a chat during pick-up and drop-off times, and will communicate with you regularly via Famly emails, newsletters and noticeboards.

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