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gims iv 3ds max 9 serial number

In the Army-2017 show, the Russian Defence Ministry signed a contract covering the first deliveries of an unspecified number of BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) fitted with the Bumerang-BM turret, also known as the B-19 variant.[14] The BMP-3 B-19 took part in the large-scale Russian-Belarusian exercise Zapad in September 2021.[15]

At least two distinct sets of explosive reactive armour kit are currently available, giving the BMP-3 protection from less advanced rocket propelled grenades. One of them is the Kaktus ERA kit, which has a unique design that creates minimal acoustic and kinetic backlash to the armour behind it upon detonation, thus ensuring that the occupants will not be harmed by shockwaves from the ERA block. The ERA blocks will completely disintegrate after detonation. According to Kurganmashzavod, the BMP-3 may also be fitted with additional side armor tiles, which can resist .50 caliber armour-piercing ammunition perpendicularly at close ranges. They give the BMP-3 added side protection from autocannon fire as well. BMP-3s serial production with ERA started as of November 2022.[36]

Also, be aware that some services run ads before and/or during videos. Of course ads are disruptive, but they're also a thorny ethical issue for schools and teachers. Should students ever be subjected to advertising in a learning environment? As always, it's best to follow the policies of your school or district. Note that a number of the education-specific streaming services listed below either don't have ads or offer ad-free school-wide (or district-wide) subscriptions.

Movies, TV shows, documentaries, and sports for adults and children. Kids programming covers nature, space exploration, numbers and counting, painting and creativity, history, and food. For suggestions, see Common Sense Media's curated, age-based lists: Best Kids Movies on Hulu and Best Documentaries on Hulu. Price: Monthly subscription.

Design and Analysis of 8x8 Static RAM PDFMansi S. Warde, V. Chandana S., Madhushree P. Wagh, Sangeeta ParshionikarStorage of data is required in all the high performance VLSI circuits used today. The need for the day is large amount of data to be stored and accessed as fast as possible. Approximately, after every two years, the maximum storage capacity that can be practically implemented doubles. The area efficiency of the memory array, the number of stored data bits per unit area is an important design criterion. Another important performance criterion is the memory access time. The access time determines the speed of the memory array. The area and delay are key parameters that decide the overall efficiency of an SRAM. This paper deals with designing an SRAM chip to improve the efficiency of memory array by reducing the area and observing the variations in delay for variations in process parameters. The schematics are implemented in ELECTRIC VLSI software and simulated using LTSpice.The layouts are also implemented using the same.

Creating Remote Operating System to control Robot in remote area with Telematics PDFMSc. Karwan M. KareemInventing and developing of remote control systems with tele-operated system have been an interesting field for producing new models of communications technologies that create high level of control of the operation of device, as a television set, from distance area. This needs a communication channel to transfer data between different electronic machines via using specific host, port number that is accepted by client and server side technologies.

More Authentic Proof of Fermat Number that it is composite for n > 4 PDFDebajit DasThis is the extended version of my earlier publication in this journal i.e. for the month of June edition 2015. I mentioned there that the proof of Fermat number to be composite beyond n = 4 is fully based on a conjecture that if u2 + 1 is composite, u4 + 1 is also composite. This conjecture was proved by the property of N-equation which was published in August edition 2013. To prove this conjecture I considered the fact that (u4 + 1) satisfies only the left hand odd element of a second kind N-equation a2 + b2 = c2. But (u4 + 1) may also satisfy the left hand odd element of a first kind N-equation except k = 1. This paper includes the fact that in both the cases the proof remains undisturbed. Because all the left hand odd elements except k = 1 are composite.

Environmental Impact Assessment of traffic in Sohar, Oman PDFMiqdam T Chaichan and Kadhim A H Al-AsadiAt present, the numbers of transport vehicles on the road are increasing all around the globe despite its environmental pollution. The variety of vehicles on the road leads to emission of different types of greenhouse gasses and particulate matter. These severely affect the environment and significantly affect the concentration of pollutants in the atmosphere. In Oman, at the end of 2014 the number of new cars increased by 8.6%. In Sohar, which is in the Al-Batinah region, around 48882 per day vehicles pass through Al-Batinah highway in front of Sohar University.

Study of DOA Estimation Using Music Algorithm PDFBindu Sharma, Ghanshyam Singh, Indranil SarkarWireless communication systems utilize smart antennas. Smart antenna have digital signal processing unit. Smart antennas have ability to locate and track signals. Smart antenna performance depends on efficiency of digital signal processing algorithms. The Angle of Arrival (AOA) estimation algorithms is used for estimate the number of incidents signals on the antenna array and their angle of incidence. This paper based on MUSIC DOA estimation method. The simulation results show classical MUSIC algorithm, different parameters effect on estimation and methods for improvisation of MUSIC algorithm.

Improved LeDiR technique for Fault Node Recovery in Wireless Sensor Network PDFJaspreet Kaur, Parminder KaurWireless Sensor Networks have gained attention of researchers because of its wide area applications like search and rescue operation and battlefield reconnaissance. WSN consist sensor nodes which monitor the environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity. These Sensor nodes are inherently prone to failure due to constrained resources and there deployment in harsh environment. Nodes get failed because of limited energy. In this study we are dealing with those nodes whose energy get exhausted and act as fault node. In previous techniques when failure occur then its neighbor node moves towards failure position which extend the path between nodes and some load varies due to individual relocation of nodes, And LeDiR uses block movement from recovering failure, it contain less number of children replace the fault node which effect the coverage of the network. In this study we propose an Improved LeDiR technique for fault node recovery by providing extra node (actor node) when the energy of the cluster head going down. Actor nodes have high capabilities, high power. Simulation results indicate that propose technique perform better than previous technique i.e. LeDiR

Architecture of High performance Reconfigurable DSP processor PDFManisha Ghosh, Saurav MandalThis paper proposed a reconfigurable DSP architecture and algorithms, such as Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and Fast Fourier Transform where basic building blocks are high performance adder, subtractors, multipliers etc. The reconfigurable architecture reduces area and become cost-effective. In the proposed DWT architecture the input data are separated as even and odd numbers of data as well as both data are input parallelly. This causes faster DWT operation then conventional architecture. In conventional architecture N-point DWT is computed in N cycles where as in proposed architecture N-sample sequence is computed in only N/2 cycles. Therefore this architecture is at least twice as fast as the conventional architecture. This paper proposed a parallel pipeline based reconfigurable Fast Fourier Transform architecture which was increases the speed of computation. Finally, we had verified the mat lab simulation result of the proposed FFT architecture by using mentor graphics tool. The proposed three architectures had been synthesized using XILINX ISE 9.1i version and the results of the same had also presented.

Design of Stack Planar Array Antenna for C-band Radar PDFP. Sai Vinay Kumar, Dr M. PadmajaToday phased array antennas are widely used in many applications like radar tracking, satellite communication, wireless systems etc. Hence a 2*4 multilayer microstrip antenna array design is demonstrated in this paper. The designed planar array uses coaxial feeding technique for each and every individual element. Individual element of antenna consists of circular microstrip patch with FR4 substrate having dielectric constant of 4.4.The suitable design parameters are chosen using the design equations and simulated using HFSS. Obtained Simulated results are in good expected range with the return loss of -22.15 dB and gain of 12.34 dB at operating frequency of 6 GHz. Suitable beam steering is provided and it is seen that beam steering of +/-8 degrees is achieved. The final results are compared with single layer microstrip array antenna which showed improved directivity, gain and efficiency. The main objective of the design is to use for radar tracking applications with increased number of elements hence C-Band frequency is chosen to avoid the interference with existing L-Band and S-Band radar tracking antennas.

Comparison of Different Electrocoagulation Processes for Real Wastewater Degradation PDFMona A. Abdel-Fatah; Ahmed M. Awad; Enas M. Ahmed; and Ahmed T. El-ArefReal wastewater containing a well defined reactive dye as one of the contaminants was subjected to a number of degradative treat-ments. The main problem of textile wastewater is the deep colour which must be removed before discharge to the main environmental drainage. A plan for treating this wastewater was designed to involve electrocoagulation (EC) using aluminium and iron electrodes as well as electrocoagulation / Fenton treating processes. A follow up of the extent of degradation was carried out through estimation of chemical oxygen demand (COD), colour reduction and change of pH value. The deep colour of wastewater has been sufficiently removed as much as between 84.8 % and 98.6 % decolourization efficiency depending on EC process and initial pH of the coloured medium. A comparative correlation between EC processes employed at pH 3 revealed that COD removal and decolourization were superior to those at pH 9 especially on applying EC/Fenton process. In addition, the measurements of Fe and Mn contents using atomic absorption technique revealed the total removal of both % Fe and Mn after EC/Al process, while % Fe was slightly increased due to the external Fe2+ added after EC/Fenton process. XRD was used to specify the sludge precipitated after processes, the main precipitated materials detected were magnetite Fe24O32, Pyroxene-ideal Al4Na4Si8O24


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