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FYI I am using 1.0 Beta on a Windows 10 laptop. I thought that your answer might depend upon whether objects were selected prior to "Save As." However, I have tried both with and without selecting objects before "Save As" and I also see no option for .png output. I like .png as an image format.....

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Thanks for the reply, @Kirstie. As I mentioned, I am aware of the Export PNG Image, but I have to place a background behind my desired image when using this feature and I don't when I used to be able to Save as .png. Maybe I am missing a selection when using Export PNG Image that would automate this for me? I have used Export PNG Image before for another reason, but Exporting seems a bit more klunky to me compared to Save as.

If you encounter any of the scenarios like what I listed, you can try the following methods to get them back. Not only can a Photo viewer let you fail to launch your image, but your image might also have been damaged. We'll show the best approach to take in different "open .png file" situations.

If you can not open what you want via repair or reset your default photo viewer, perhaps the most reliable method of opening a .png file is to use professional image recovery software. One such robust tool is EaseUS free data recovery software, which makes it fortune in the high recovery rate and simple steps.

Hi. I built a simple flow to save email messages as .eml files on OneDrive. However, most of the emails I want to save contain lots of images, so my flow ends up saving multiple .png files in addition to the .eml file. Can someone please help with a flow that I can save emails in .eml files without saving the png files. I'll also accept a short term solution to automate the deletion of .png files after they have been saved.

@ChristianAbata Thanks for your response. I'm new at this and I couldn't get it to work. Can you please give me a full breakdown if you don't mind. The flow is simple - When an email arrives > Export Email > Create File, and I specify that the email file is created as a .eml in OneDrive. Works perfectly except for the tons of .png files that are also saved on OneDrive. I have played with different conditions and yours, and placed them in different parts of the flow without success. Thanks again

I can't save an image in any other format, the only one available is .png. I can convert it, but it's taking me more time to do things. If I could just open it in Photoshop as it is, it would be a lot easier. Any suggestions with what I should to then?

One thing comes to mind: In versions of Photoshop prior to CS5, many file formats (including .png I think) were handled by Adobe-provided plug-ins. Today, with CS5, those formats are handled by Photoshop's internal file format module, built right into the application. Is it possible, JHolloway, that you've somehow connected Photoshop CS5 to older plug-ins from a prior version of Photoshop, either by copying/installing plug-in files or by using the Additional Plug-Ins Folder setting?

I'm using cycles to get a realistic glass material. I have Transparent and Transparent Glass checked in Film. I have a simple principled BSDF with full transmission. The resulting .png has a transparent background, but the transparent parts of the glass are just gray:

If a .png with a valid alpha channel is imported, the resulting texture has incorrect RGB values where alpha==0. Instead of the contents of the source file, pixels with alpha==0 seem to take on the RGB value of the last pixel processed on the current row with a non-zero alpha.

I noticed that if you export the .png from ue4 and open it in GIMP again, it has only black rgb values even with a white alpha. So UE4 doesnt just fail at reading the rgb channels for A=0 pixels, it even overwrites the rgb value with 0,0,0!

as someone who prefers .png over .tga, the only times I use .TGA is when I need an alpha channel.that said, try to avoid alpha channels as much as possible, as they take up the same amount of filesize as RG and B combined. so its often cheaper/smarter to store three alpha channels in a seperate RGB file anyways.

Whenever it's tax time I like to scan all my receipts using the Dropbox scan function on my iPhone. I love it! However, if I batch scan I can only save it as a .pdf. I'd much rather have all scans saved as separate .png's because now I have to manually extract them from my .pdf one by one. 041b061a72


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