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Luther - Episode 2....

This week's episode does new viewers a huge favor and brings us all up to speed on the character that made Luther the hit show it is, Alice Morgan. One part psychopath, one part brilliant entrepreneur, if one can be considered an entrepreneur in the world of crime, Alice was never supposed to survive beyond the show's first season. But she was so popular, they brought her back over and over again. The show did try to skip having her in the two-part Season 4, but that was an utter failure, and so for Season 5, Alice is here again. Moreover, the show, which has slowly softened her into Luther's girlfriend/partner/soul mate has decided that audiences really should be reminded both of what she's capable of, as well as fill everyone in on where she was last season.

Luther - Episode 2....


Just in case the slow ones in the back weren't sure Halliday was right, there are a few scenes spent with Vivian and her husband, who we learn is named Jeremy, and is a heart surgeon. He's also totally insane and has been since the two of them married, with moments reminiscing over him nearly killing someone on a long-ago vacation to Milan, and his joking about the murder on the bus just an episode ago. Vivian is indulgent, but also stern. "Play safe." He doesn't seem to be, though, creepily stalking women and making his patients super uncomfortable. Vivian is right, her husband is losing his impulse control, to the point where he's getting off in surgery.

Yes, it all got a bit creepy with those nice middle-class girls having their wine-swilling, carrot-chopping evening interrupted by a man in a wig, but, I'm sorry to say, crimes past and present, it all felt a bit bleak and inconsequential in this second episode of the run, adding to my sneaking suspicion that 'Luther' the show would be considered pretty average primetime fare without the qualities of Luther the person, plus sidekick, to keep us glued.

To combat this, she has to leave the restaurant to cool down her apparent panic attack. Outside, she sees the man from the last episode who was on the bus listening to bee-themed white noise, staring at her.

Another side effect of the compressed season schedule is that events themselves seem to be more radical and extreme than they were in the previous season, because they are pushed so close together, and plots are forced to accelerate. So the series seems a lot less plausible, for lack of a better word, with escalation after escalation. A regular cast member is kidnapped and tortured, a bus full of children are held hostage, a web camera feed broadcasts footage of a brutal beating live. Each of these elements would arguably work on their own as a premise for an episode, but stringing them all together strains the suspension of disbelief.

In the series' twenty episodes so far, there have been some brilliant antagonists who have come up against John Luther (Idris Elba). While some episodes have depicted the tensions surrounding the horrible crimes committed in London, some have, just, focused on Luther's personal life and his daily battles. So, without further ado, let's take a look at some of the best episodes from the series, ranked, according to IMDb.

In the first episode of season 2, Luther is shown to be suicidal as he is still dealing with the murder of his wife Zoe. Still, he decides to return to work after a masked killer comes on to the scene who's pilling up bodies.

In the fifth episode of season 1, Luther's best friend Reed turns into a devil. While they are investigating a kidnapping case, Luther gets to know that Reed is involved in a couple of murders and that he is a dirty cop.

In the penultimate episode of season 3, one of the show's dearest characters is killed by the vigilante serial killer - Tom Marwood. The scenes preceding the eventual outcome are absolutely chaotic as Luther and Justin try to stop another murder.

Things aren't exactly looking up this year. As Luther tries to catch a psychotic serial killer who attacks his victim while wearing a freakish Punch mask, he also rescues teenage Jenny from a life of prostitution and has to contend with the vicious madam's demands to be compensated for her loss of income. Luther is primarily concerned with the Punch killer in the first two episodes, and then a different but equally horrific case in episodes three and four, involving a nondescript guy who attacks and kills at random and seems to be able to be in two places at the same time.

Each episode focuses on a different resident of the building. There's a young woman who buried her premature fetus, another who hit two children on the road while she was escaping an abusive boyfriend, and even Kate finds herself haunted both by the ghosts and her own actions.

Were this the History of Lutheranism podcast, we most likely would spend the next 56 episodes on Martin Luther, but alas we must move on. Before that, though, I must lay out three more points from his life and work that resonated with Wesley and the people called Methodist.

The spark that Luther lit could not be contained in Saxony. With the recent invention of the printing press only 70 years before, a true movement began that spread across Europe, eventually to England itself. On our next episode, we will look at the spread of the Reformation across northern Europe, and begin to see it take shape in England during the reign of Henry VIII. Next time, on the History of Methodism.

Ressler is communicating with the Coast Guard over radio when Yusuf reappears. He's about to shoot them, but is shot in turn by Desmond, the guard from the earlier episode. A Coast Guard helicopter arrives.

Conner: Preparing to film This is My Brave: Stories from the Black Community was an incredibly rewarding experience. Since moving our episodes to a virtual format, we were able to increase our reach and have 16 African American performers from across the United States who will be bravely sharing their experiences with mental illness or addiction, their process of seeking treatment, and their journey to hope and recovery.

Please join us on this journey as we shine a light on and amplify these brave voices. Register to watch these two amazing episodes of This is My Brave: Stories from the Black Community. Episode 1 airs on Monday, January 18 at 7 pm in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Episode 2 airs on Monday, February 1at 7 pm in honor of the first day of Black History Month. Both episodes will feature live panel discussions with the cast immediately following the episodes. 041b061a72


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