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Infochemistry: Information Processing At The Na... BETTER

The signal is processed using boxcar averaging. [This question can be omitted from classes that do not discuss signal processing.] Students who are familiar with these techniques, however, should note that this method can be done in real-time without intensive computational resources; it does not require a repeatable signal (as would ensemble averaging); and although it can result in loss of temporal resolution, this is not an issue for this application since the beacons should burn steadily, and no useful information is encoded in their variation in time.

Infochemistry: Information Processing at the Na...

Arrhenotokous wasps made decisions of better quality, which suggests, in agreement with our predictions, better learning skills in this strain. Arrhenotokous wasps were faster to choose than thelytokous ones. This higher choice speed should have conspire against their choice accuracy [50]. But arrhenotokous wasps, both naïve and trained, were at least as accurate as thelytokous ones. Their higher speed then indicates that arrhenotokous wasps made decisions of better quality. This cannot be linked to a difference between the strains regarding the value of the reward (i.e. the larvae onto which the wasp oviposits): the host parasitised during training is a pest of stored products and thelytokous wasps should then be the most rewarded when laying an egg in that host species. We interpret the better decision making in arrhenotokous wasps as a sign of better learning skills in the context of host-seeking at a distance. This conclusion does not rule out potential effects of other processes, such as sensitivity to the stimulus, attention, motivation or propensity to explore [57]. Such a difference in information-processing ability has rarely been documented at the inter-population level, and to our knowledge, our work provides the first demonstration in parasitoids (see [14, 57] for birds, and [58] for bumblebees).

The collection and processing of data is the responsibility of CICECO and its storage is properly protected, only authorized CICECO employees can access the information within the scope of their functions, always being clear in the respective collection forms the purposes for which they are intended. The remaining issues to be considered in this matter will be handled by the University of Aveiro in accordance with the regime established by the GDPR. 041b061a72


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