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Blacklist Torrent Free

All this really goes to show is that governments still have no clue how to police file sharing sites. The Pirate Bay blacklist is exceptionally easy to circumnavigate by anyone with a remote knowledge of computers (which is true of most people who torrent). Additionally, there are hundreds, if not thousands of other torrent sites which remain unblocked, and the switch to magnet links mean that file sharing is now actually evolving beyond torrents, and will likely be out of the reach of whatever law is put forth next banning the practice.

blacklist torrent

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I'm trying to add a blacklist of torrent sites IPs for my local(10 people at home) network. I don't have problems with adding it, but with getting it. I thought that googling would be enough, or maybe I entered a bad phrase but I find it really hard to find some except paid ones.

Is that somehow private or pricey thing? I mean, it doesn't need to be a super large list, only some main sites that people know. I know that blacklisting(even with a very good blacklist) is not a solution, but it may turn off somebody.

So is there a way to do this, WHILE keeping the torrent client setup in sonarr and not using blackhole, and still keeping all completed/failed download handling done by sonarr? just need to remove from sonarr it forces it to find a proper copy, not from client that needs to seed.

It may work if you change the label in the download client to a label other than the one Sonarr is configured to use and blacklist the release from Activity: History or episode history (using the grab event).

markus101It may work if you change the label in the download client to a label other than the one Sonarr is configured to use and blacklist the release from Activity: History or episode history (using the grab event).

Just wanted to chime in and say this does the trick. My issue was it was downloading zipped torrents. I manually unzip them and put them where they go, but then have the Activity count still there. Removed the label (in utorrent) and it removed them from the activity page.

While torrenting has undoubtedly made the lives of people much easier, it has its downsides. The biggest downside is accidentally downloading malware or other harmful files onto your computer. Or even worse, having a bunch of lawyers tracking your torrenting habits. Luckily, there are ways to protect yourself from these threats and the second-best way by far is to integrate a blocklist into your torrent client.

A torrent blocklist is a continuously maintained collection of IP addresses that are known to be snooping leechers or have malware or other unwanted and harmful files. This list of addresses is then automatically blocked when downloading content through your torrent client, e.g. Transmission. They are easy to install and configure and are a highly recommended tool for anyone who regularly uses torrents.

One of the most popular blocklists for torrenting is PeerBlock. Not only is it free but it is open source as well. It is well known for its privacy-based firewall features and is considered a very reliable application that can block various IP addresses while using P2P connections.

One of the greatest resources you can find regarding torrent blocklists is the famous I-Blocklist. This is a very robust compendium of many IP addresses that will be an invaluable database to anyone who wants to add as many addresses to block as possible.

The categories available include ads and trackers, anti-infringement, proxies, spyware, bad peers, piracy-related, spam, and many more. This is arguably the single best blocklist for torrenting you can find online.

Another great list of various blocklists for torrenting is the well-known Bitsurge blocklist that specializes in blocking IP addresses for the Transmission torrent client specifically. Luckily, it can be used with many other torrent clients as well.

These are some fairly popular blocklists that have circulated well across Reddit and other similar sites. The oisd or blocklists are intended to block desktop ads, mobile ads, phishing, malware, spyware and other similar dangerous software that can be accidentally acquired through torrenting. They are some of the best blocklists for torrenting available.

While this article has listed several of the best blocklists for torrenting, you may assume that downloading as many blocklists as possible is the best strategy for removing as many ads and unwanted malware as possible. Unfortunately, things are not so cut and dry.

Therefore, the best option you can do is to download only one blocklist, maybe two at the most. Going any higher than that can lead to the nasty side effect of blocking torrents that are actually safe. In other words, you will heavily increase the number of times you will come up with false positives.

Select a blocklist that covers all of your bases. It should not only be compatible with whatever OS or torrent client (be it Transmission, Deluge, or any other popular torrenting software) you prefer to use but it should also be able to block all the different kinds of files you consider unwanted, useless, or harmful.

All you need to know is that the above blocklists are all very reputable and thorough. They will give you the extra protection you are looking for when torrenting content online. Simply download and install one of them into your client to protect your devices from any suspicious or harmful IP addresses so you can rest easy.

Unfortunately, one of the best sources for these blacklists is Bluetack, the people behind the Azureus BT client, but they have made their lists available ONLY if you donate and subscribe to their forum. There is still an easy way to get a blacklist by downloading and installing IPFilter Updater. This little tool will download the required file and put it into the correct location (%AppData%\uTorrent) for use with uTorrent. Click Go and let it download from the default mirror (I-Blocklist).

In some countries (for example, Italy) some trackers' addresses (for example, the pirate bay) are blocked by IP at the ISP level, but usually every torrent uses more than one tracker so it's not impossible to download it. however, qb wastes lots of time trying to access the blocked tracker, and sometimes the download doesn't even start, unless you manually remove such trackers from the list, for every would be nice if qb could have a blacklist for those trackers so that it doesn't even try to contact them.

This would indeed be interesting. However, libtorrent-rasterbar allows to remove only user-defined trackers right now. As a consequence, I cannot alter trackers defined in the torrent file itself. I will contact libtorrent author about this.

wouldn't it be possible to - on some events, like opening of a .torrent file or application startup - check for every torrent if there is one or more of the blacklisted tracker and send a "remove user defined tracker" command to libtorrent-rasterbar? maybe just as a temporary solution or a workaround

The option to blacklist trackers for security and/or privacy would be a valuable addition to utorrent. Right now without manually editing the tracker list for each torrent or using the trackers tab menu there is no way to reliably remove unwanted or malicious trackers from a torrent. Using a blacklist would also be helpful to automatically remove trackers that use a protocol which isn't always supported by users behind a separately managed router. As of now trackers that are unable to connect due to protocol restrictions simply sit in the tracker list constantly updating, sometimes causing connection problems. Having an option to enable automatic filtering via a list of restricted or allowed trackers prior to announcement would be beneficial.

This might be slightly similar in scope to that of the "Trackerless Mode" request found here: =65256 , but I believe an option to either blacklist or whitelist trackers without the need to disable them all would be helpful. I realize that there is risk to the health of some torrents by restricting which trackers are available, but with DHT and PEX the security benefits to preventing unwanted tracker access automatically would be much less detrimental to overall torrent health. Similar to using ipfilter.dat, a blacklist with wildcard support could automatically remove restricted trackers supplied by the user from future torrents, saving the need for manual editing of tracker lists for each separate torrent file.

Recently we've received at least four letters from our ISP that we are violating their terms and service by the downloading or the distribution of illegal software through bittorrent protocol. My son has apparently been using the site to download software and movies for free. Before we're revoked from our internet is there a simple way to prevent or block torrent websites?

This is due to the fact that there are other ways to download software and movies which are harder to block than torrents. On the other hand these mostly one click hoster based file sharing solutions are much harder to detect by the ISP and arent likely to bring you in that much legal trouble. The problem with torrents is that you are downloading and providing illegal copys at the same time. The offering part is the one that may cost you a lot.

Anyway there are various technical solutions. Some home router are able to block torrents. This ability relies heavyly on the product you are using. You can also buy an additional firewall that is able to filter torrents but that is of cause a costly solution for a private usecase.

BitTorrent is very difficult to block/firewall, since it can work on any port the BitTorrent client has been configured to. Your best solution is to either stop torrent downloads from your PC or hide their existence from your ISP. 350c69d7ab


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