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Caleb Lewis

Sexy Beach 3

Sexy beach 3 is an open ended simulation game. You start at the Illusion Hotel Resort. In the hotel you are able to make a day pass, make a time of day pass or save your game. Once you are out of the hotel, you are able to date five female characters. On the left hand corner of the screen the game tracks the days you were on the island and the time of day it currently is.

Sexy Beach 3


The different environments the player can visit are a sandy beach, a hot spring, a waterfall, a grotto, and a swimming pool. The female character performs various activities such as swimming, jumping rope, reading, playing volleyball, standing around, and applying lotion. Some of the activities are determined by the location of where the player chooses to go. The sky of the environment also changes according to the time of day. When the player obtains three hearts he unlocks three rooms for the female character to enter within the hotel. They are the bedroom, living room, and the kitchen. In these areas the player is unable to apply lotion.

Still better than Sexy Beach Zero-The amount of costumes, all the fun little knick-naks, and all the girls are relatively attractive. Honestly you'll play it for the H-scenes or because you like a specific character or costume, but I always wondered why none of the women on this tiny ass beach ever talked to each other about the same dude banging all of them.

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