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Golf With Your Friends - OST Update 8 Download

This PS4 exclusive party game harkens back to the nostalgia of middle school nights playing "Truth or Dare" with your friends. That's You requires all the players to download a companion app, much like the Jackbox Party games.

Golf With Your Friends - OST Update 8 Download

Prepare to discover what your friends think about you as the game prompts you and your friends to vote on whacky superlatives such as, "Whose birthday party would attract the weirdest guests?". With other texting and drawing minigames to vary up the fun, That's You is the perfect icebreaker activity.

Let your party take a darker turn by booting up Hidden Agenda. You are probably familiar with interactive "choose-your-own-adventure" classics such as Heavy Rain or Telltale's The Walking Dead. In this game, you and your posse are all responsible for making the decisions, often during timed events, that could spell doom for the characters of Hidden Agenda.

Suppose you and your friends enjoy adventure games like Hidden Agenda but want something spookier. In that case, you'll all love 2K Games' horror hit, The Quarry. In this terrifying experience, players control a group of counselors stranded at a summer camp filled with deadly secrets.

This game works best for parties with a bit of a younger crowd. A puzzle-platformer game playable with up to four friends, Little Big Planet 3 is fantastic for a more chill gaming session.

Bring some panic to your party as you disarm bombs together in Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes. One player gets stuck in a room with a bomb, covered in randomly generated puzzles. The other players hold the manual, the key to solving all the puzzles and disarming it. But remember, the clock is ticking, so you need to talk it through fast.

Use your Move Motion controllers to slice through blocks along to the beat, and challenge your friends to see who can get the highest score on a song. Invoking old-school arcade contests with friends but in the most modern way, Beat Saber is reason enough on its own to invest in the PSVR.

Naturally, everybody hates moving into a new place. But what if you could do it with friends and break a few windows along the way? Kooky, cooperative chaos: that is Moving Out in a nutshell.

In Moving Out, you and your friends play as a "professional" moving company that is not afraid to take shortcuts, even if it means throwing the bedframe from the top floor. Moving Out will get everyone in your party cooperating most maddeningly with its whacky physics and creative levels.

The game that has broken families and destroyed friendships since 1935 makes a modern comeback with Monopoly Plus. An all-time favorite, Monopoly Plus gives your party the classic board game experience without having to clean up all the mess.

Monopoly is a divisive board game. On the one hand, many players love its deep strategy and the thrill of making their friends pay rent. But, on the other hand, there are just as many players who despise the game's long playtime and the heated money disputes it causes with friends. If only there were a game where these parties could meet in the middle!

Choose your mecha fighter for special power-ups. Then, demolish buildings in your path... or mess with your friends by blocking their way to the hole. You can even face off with your friends kaiju-style, forgoing golf altogether. 100ft Robot Golf is bound to get any party-goer rared up.

With a tasty selection of adorable (and rage-filled) pastry characters, you can battle your friends in a free-for-all with candy-crushing combos, combining the best of fighting games with party game shenanigans.

This game is no Cooking Mama. So prepareto cook through the chaos as you and your friends coordinate chef duties on floating airships, damp dungeons, and slippery winter slopes.All the time management of staple Diner Dash games meshes with party-game pandemonium in the best possible way.

This title is the anti-platformer of platforming games, as it actively encourages you and your friends to sabotage each other in the fight to be... the Ultimate Chicken Horse.

Other 2D platformers have introduced a competitive aspect to the genre. Still, Ultimate Chicken Horse lets players create platforms, traps, and items on the map after each round, then lets you destroy them. The resulting lawlessness and tumultuous strategizing which follows can only lead to a laughingly good time. Of course, you and your friends might die more than any of you reach the final flag, but that is the fun!

If you're a fan of cult B and C movies, like Tommy Wiseau's The Room or Troll 2, you'll get a kick out of Rifftrax. However, with humorous gameplay that emulates other party classics, like Quiplash, Rifftrax is familiar enough to engage a broad audience of friends and family. In addition, the gameplay runs through browser access, much like Jackbox, so there are no complicated companion apps to muddle through. So, grab the popcorn and let the riffing commence!

Social deduction games, like Werewolf, The Unseen, and Mafia, are party game staples for a reason. After all, there's no experience as fun and frantic as arguing with friends and family over who the secret traitor is. Among Us ups the ante of this experience by tasking crewmembers on a spacecraft with various maintenance tasks while a team of traitors kills them off one by one.

From trivia to improv to Pictionary-style games and more, there is a game mode for any party-goer. Jackbox Party Pack 3 is a great pack to get started with, as it includes the hilariously legendary Quiplash 2, the deadly Trivia Murder Party, the t-shirt contest Tee K.O., and so much more. Any Jackbox Party Pack is a bang for your party's buck.


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