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TradeStation Made Easy! : Using EasyLanguage To... [2021]

Praise For TradeStation(R) Made Easy! "Sunny Harris has been a TradeStation(R) user and advocate since its inception in 1991. Her back-testing methodologies using TradeStation(R) have remained widely popular over the years with online strategy traders. Sunny's writing is thorough and easy to read. We think this is a valuable book for anyone who is interested in learning more about strategy trading." --SALOMON SREDNI, Chairman and CEO, TradeStation Group, Inc. "One of the early users of TradeStation(R) software, Sunny Harris has been studying and programming trading strategies for more than thirty years. . . . Through the many examples Sunny walks you through in this book, you'll have a much better understanding of how to use EasyLanguage(R) to create your own strategies." --From the Foreword by BILL CRUZ, founder and former CEO, TradeStation Group, Inc. With over 100,000 users, TradeStation(R) has become one of the most popular tools for both professional and individual traders. While the software allows traders to design their own strategies, back-test them on years of historical data, and then computer-automate them, it's the power of EasyLanguage(R) --TradeStation(R) 's proprietary programming language--that makes all of this possible. By mastering EasyLanguage(R) you have the power to test, and potentially profit from, any idea you can imagine. TradeStation(R) Made Easy! is the first and only book to explain exactly how to use the unique language behind this bestselling software program. Written by self-taught EasyLanguage(R) programmer Sunny Harris, this one-of-a kind guide covers the essence of programming in EasyLanguage(R) and provides valuable real-world insights from years of author experience in this field. Along the way, Harris also walks you through the process of installing TradeStation(R), using it for the first time or two, and writing your first several indicators and strategies. And while new versions of TradeStation(R) are always released, there's no need to worry. The concepts found throughout these pages are applicable to whatever version of TradeStation(R) you may be using. It also works on MultiCharts. About the Author

TradeStation made easy! : using EasyLanguage to...

If you are using TradeStation and want to use more powerful trading, scanning, analyzing, and back-testing components TradeStation Made Easy is a great way to implement improvements immediately. It is easy to see that Harris eats what she cooks when it comes to TradeStation advice. I attribute the fast pace of my absorbing the content as a result of Harris actually trading and using the product. It is hard to substitute real world experience and you do not have to when learning the methods taught.

I like the way Sunny starts the book with some simple basics about TradeStation, math and coding. She explains in simple terms what the software and EZL can do, then gets more into the nitty-gritty of the Function, Indicator, PaintBar, ShowMe and Strategy features of TradeStation. The author goes step by step through the various parts of using the software with quite easy to understand code examples that the reader can try right away in TS. I suggest to install TradeStation on your computer before starting with the book to make the experience practical. 041b061a72


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