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Things To Buy Your Boss

What is this gift? A puzzle you can customize to look like the New York Times front page on a day special to your boss, such as the day they started work, got married, or even just a day in history they love.

things to buy your boss

Why your boss will love it: Toting cords around has always been a necessary evil, but with this wrap, available in several shades of premium leather, carrying cables can be a style statement.

Why your boss will love it: It captures the beauty of a wondrous planet in a conveniently sized tchotchke that fits on a desk. Why just look through a telescope when the wonder of space can also be right at your fingertips?

What is this gift? Personalized photos and message for a customized Greetabl box. Your boss can unfold and proudly display it at work, home, or anywhere happiness is welcome. Choose from a variety of gifts inside ranging from candles to chocolates.

Why your boss will love it: These stylish, premium goods look good while doing the environment well. Your boss will love enjoying the soothing, understated colors and feeling good about their footprint.

What is this gift? A WFH survival kit full of goodies your boss needs to curl up for a cozy day full of inspiration, including a herringbone throw, a sweatshirt, candle, and business books.

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If your boss has a sweet tooth, they will love these handmade macarons that feature flavors like red velvet and salted caramel. They're individually wrapped for maximum freshness, and come in a gorgeous gift-ready box.

If your boss is the ultimate go-getter, they'll appreciate the advice on how to maximize their morning routine. Straight from Women's Health editor-in-chief Liz Plosser, this book is packed with tons of actionable tips.

When your boss needs to take five, they'll reach for this magnetic silicone building set for a creative break and a bit of hand movement away from the keyboard. Hundreds of reviewers have given this five stars!

Are they always burning candles in the background of all your video calls? They'll love adding these gorgeous soy candles to their repertoire, and will of course credit you every time they get compliments.

Whether your boss adores home workouts or religiously heads to the yoga studio every morning, this soft, thick mat will be the perfect addition to their workout routine. They may even find themselves working from it in child's pose, too.

Giving that gift also builds your own psychological capital. And, believe it or not, behavioral scientists have explored this effect of gift giving and receiving in the office place, specifically among leaders and followers.

Does she carry her lunch to work every day in a plain old Tupperware container? This chic bag will change all that. With an insulated interior and vegan leather exterior, no one will be able to tell you're carrying last night's leftovers. Available in over 15 colors and the option to add a monogram, this makes for the perfect gift for your boss who loves to meal prep.

Journals are universally needed by everyone and this one feels extra luxe, making it the perfect gift. It features a customizable foil-stamped linen cover and lined pages in a variety of styles. Plus, it comes with a ballpoint pen. Your boss (or coworker) is going to want to pull this out during your next team meeting.

Who doesn't love a blanket? It's especially hard not to love one covered in your initials and smiley faces. Choose from a ton of cute colors and prints and add your boss' initials, and you've got a personalized gift she'll keep around forever.

We love an on-brand holiday gift. Sunday Riley's C.E.O. Glow contains Vitamin C and turmeric to decrease redness and instantly brighten skin. Your boss will be reminded of how much of a badass she is when she does her skincare routine after coming home from a long day.

There's a good chance your boss is on her phone for a good portion of the day, and all of those germs and screen time builds up. This small, but mighty device will charge your boss' phone and sanitizes it at the same time thanks to UV-led technology.

Whether your boss is a huge jet-setter or just needs a little extra neck support, this pillow will do it all. With its versatile shape, this pillow can provide all kinds of comfort whether it be a back pillow or headrest.

Not everyone is a coffee drinker, and that's ok! There are plenty of gifts for the tea lover, like this bundle. Filled with best-selling tea and a cute to-go tumbler, this set is a thoughtful gift for a tea-drinking boss.

What do you get your boss when you haven't got a clue what she likes? How about a gift that hits on three different interests? Firstly, this chic decor is a candle inspired by the iconic Le Labo Santal 33 perfume). Inside the wax you'll find a clear quartz crystal, perfect for your boss to use against negative vibes. Once the wax is gone, you can turn the label into a plant with some soil. It's a win-win-win!

It has been a long tradition for employees to all give money towards one gift for the bosses. And by long tradition, I mean I have worked here for 25 years and it was well established before then. I feel that if we stopped doing that, they would think what in the heck. We typically give gift cards of equal amounts to the owners. The cards are selected towards what each one prefers. But again they are of equal value.Does anyone have any helpful thoughts on this? I repeat helpful thoughts.

I can see, however, since your company has done it this way for eons how it would be difficult to stop cold turkey. Maybe you could talk your co-workers into sending the owners a fruit basket instead of a gift card.

Do what you say you will and do it well. Once you commit to something, commit to doing it well. When opportunities arise, execs are looking for someone with a good track record of getting the job done and bringing in positive results. This means your name needs to be associated with good work. Those who can take on small projects and hit a home run are more likely to be asked to take on bigger projects later.

7. Bath and Meditate Soap Set, $28: Work can get stressful and unwinding is absolutely crucial. This soap and meditation set is almost too pretty to use but is a great gift that will hopefully entice your beloved co-worker to invest time into well-deserved self-care.

8. Portable Beverage Holder, $25: If your coworker is going to bring coffee from home, it might as well be in a pretty insulated holder, right? This one holds 40 oz (a lot of coffee, tea or even soup!), has a cute handle and is super affordable. Win, win, win.

23. Mini Sweet Box, $100: This box is a beautiful gift option for an important client or boss. This company ships nationwide and has a ton of other awesome box options. Emily loves them and has used them a handful of times.

When you need to take time off from work because you or a loved one is experiencing a serious health condition, the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is here to help. This guide provides information on how to talk to your employer about taking job-protected leave for family or medical reasons under the FMLA.

What you need to tell your employer will vary based on your individual situation. Below are helpful examples of what you might say to request FMLA leave in different circumstances. Your employer may have additional questions if they are not sure whether FMLA applies to your situation.

It can give you an idea of how other team members view your performance in your work environment. It also helps employers get a better understanding of how the employee is doing in different aspects of the work environment.

Upward feedback is when you tell your manager or superior about a certain dimension of their management or behavior which relates to the team. This method is adopted by many leading brands, like Google. How do I write a performance review for my boss?

The samples in our article are to help you understand what to say in your 360-degree feedback. You can draw inspiration from these examples to write your own feedback in your own words. Why should you give your manager 360-degree feedback?

You simply evaluate their performance in different aspects, such as their leadership skills, problem-solving skills, and employee engagement. However, there are many things you need to consider when you write 360-degree feedback.

We read books, take courses and go to events, often with the support of our bosses, under the pretense change is possible. But often they find ways to kill ideas, gently or passively, and not much happens. It often takes a different way of approaching the problem to get a powerful person to do something new.

Because context and tone can be misread in many of the ways we communicate, giving your boss feedback in person is ideal. If a face-to-face conversation is not possible, consider calling them on the phone rather than emailing or messaging them via IM or Slack.

There are a number of topics about which you may need to give your boss feedback. Some of the most popular include: workload, miscommunication, project management, and managing expectations. Here are some scripts and specific examples to get you started.

When delivered well, feedback can unlock great things in people and at your company. Giving feedback is also one of the hardest skills to master. For more guidance on optimizing your feedback (and receiving it yourself), download our free workbook How to Request, Give, and Receive Feedback.

While every case is different, employers, in general, can fire employees for what they post on social media. Especially if you were posting to social media during work hours, employers have broad leeway to discipline you for spending your work time socializing online. 041b061a72


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